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postComment: "To stop the error on restoration (unmounting disk problem):\nEdit the current version 2.3.2 (in terminal, using eg. vi) e.g. \nvi /Applications/ \n\nand modify line 541 to read: \n if ($output =~ m/already/i) {\ninstead of\n if ($output =~ m/was already unmounted/i) {\n\nIt seems the output of diskutil unmount command has changed - as of 10.6.8 the wording's different if the disk is already unmounted (which is what occurs prior to the BCD being copied). Just looking for the text \"already\" seems sufficient whereas the current matching text (\"was already unmounted\") is not found (the new output is (e.g.) \"disk0s3 was already not mounted\"), so the routine assumes there's an error and then there's no partition resize etc.\n\nIf you don't like vi or e.g. nano you can use one command line to make the change: (the following is all one line), also assumes is in your Applications folder.\n\nsudo sed -e \"541s/was already unmounted/already/\" /Applications/ > /Applications/; mv /Applications/ /Applications/"

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