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postComment: "Hi! \n\nSo I just set up my uncle's Mac Mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, OS X Lion 10.7.2 and the Magic Jack does not work at all. \n\nInitially it was fine on 10.7.0 out of the box but after we ran the OS X Lion updates 10.7.2 it just went wonky. We ran the MagicJack update as suggested and still no luck. Then connected it to a pc but no luck with that either when it used to be fine before. The MagicJack shows the same error on the pc as with the Mac. Very odd.\n\nDecided that our MJ unit might be busted. So to eliminate this possibility we tried out our spare MJ unit and it still won't work. \n\nBasically what we are experiencing over here is that after we double click to start the magicJack, where the MJ icon appears it tells me to re-plug the magicJack. Then it opens to their website. Re-pluging and their pop-up to their website is of no help at all. \n\nAnd we need help. We need the Magic Jack to work to keep in touch with my baby cousin's cardiologist etc. in NY as we live in the Philippines. So we're a bit desperate. I'm already contemplating on reformatting and installing Snow Leopard since I've read that its fairly compatible/stable (?). \n\nI hope a working solution is offered soon or at least a notice from magicJack that 10.7.2 isn't supported. At the very least there be comfort in clarity than offering nothing at all. "

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