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postComment: "On Oct 20, 2011, at 2:29 PM, Jason Hogrefe wrote:\n\nTom,\n \nI apologize for the delay in the Lion update. The lead developer ran into a family emergency, and then 10.7.2 was just released and we had to run it back through testing once more. We should be about 1-2 more weeks max on delivery of the update.\n \nThank you,\n \nJason Hogrefe\nMacware, Inc.\moc.cnierawcam|hnosajn#moc.cnierawcam|hnosajn\nDirect: (402) 554-1400, ext 204\n——\nAllowing for 14 days to pass from October 20, that would mean DiskTools Pro should have shipped November 3. It is now 27 days past that \"max\" promised date. RoaringApps, Macware, and Maczot (who sold me this) were all part of this transaction.\n\nNote that Maczot has a no-return policy… so I am out my money.\n\nEverything stated here is fact: Potential buyers should take this into account prior to making further purchases.\n\nThis is a shame: I was a huge Disktools Pro fan… it was a great utility. I am sad to see it apparently die this way."

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