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postComment: "Hi Dave H, \nfirst of all many many thanks for helping out!\n\nI did what you suggested and re-did restore to my new SSD and Winclone said that everything was ok with the operation. weeeeeeeeee! :)\n\nSo I restarted the macpro holding the \"alt\" key and yes, I saw all the 3 bootable disks, which is a step further but… when I tried to boot from the new SSD I got a screen saying:\n\n(It is in italian so I will translate it in english and some terms might be inaccurate):\n\nWindows boot manager\n\nBooting not successful. The problem could be due to a recent hardware or software modification.\nTo solve the problem:\n1) insert the win installation disk and restart.\n2) choose language selection then click \"next\".\n3) clic on \"restore the computer\".\n\nstate: 0xc0000225\n\ninfos: booting selection not successfull. A necessary device is not accessible.\n\n-\nThat's it. Now, I currently do not have the win7 installation disk as my win7 was installed by a tech guy months ago. \n\nBy the way I tried to boot from the working win7 disk and I got a message saying the system needed to restore, it asked me to choose a language and then asked me if I did want to restore the system. I obviously panicked and said no, and the system asked me if I was sure I didn't want to restore windows and exit the procedure. \nI went \"yes I am sure\" and tried the mac boot, everything went fine, but when I tried to boot again from the previously working win7 disk I got the same screen as the SSD. From there I can't type in anything and I have to force shutdown.\n\nI previously saved the important data I had on win so even if it goes dead I can handle it, but… is there anything I could do to get the thing working without calling the tech guy again? \n\nThank you so so so so so much again! I really appreciate very very much.\n\nAndi"

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