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postComment: "OMG IT WORKS!\n\nWow, was getting desperate about it lol. :)\nMany many thanks Dave H!\n\nGot to say tho that something is still weird, 'cause if I try to boot from the SSD win HD icon at startup + alt it goes on with the boot manager telling me I can't boot, while if I try to boot from the old win7 it still goes to the boot manager but it makes me choose between the old and the new disk (normal and SSD), and when I boot it from there it works. Now I'm wondering if this is going to be a permanent asset… I mean, I would really like to free the old disk and use it for backups… instead now I have to use it in order to boot from the SSD. Any ideas about it?\n\nBy the way thank you again! May your aces hold in the future! May your karma be gentle with you! May the mac never die lol. :)\n\nAndi"

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