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postComment: "Comparing Stata to SPSS is quite funny, unless you are only playing with data. You should all have SPSS v20 by now. I would highly recommend that you stay current with this software, if you need SPSS and want to run Lion. \n\nSPSS are laughably ignorant of the Mac. This has always been true. Something about a lot of data people is they seem to deprecate the Mac (which is odd when you consider it's the source of all of what is good about their beloved Windoze, and in the case of SPSS, that the Mac ran full, mainframe SPSS back when the PC could only dream about it (due to the DOS 640k limitation, SPSS had to produce the supremely lame 'SPSS-PC' and SPSS-PC+ in order to approximate the language within Billy's 640k (who said \"no one could ever need more\"—what a 'visionary'). \n\nBut, at least SPSS allowed a free upgrade from lame, DOS/Windows 'PC+' to real mainframe SPSS on the Mac for FREE, back in the old days. Mac has been 32 bit (early on with 24 bit addressing, still plenty for 'real' (SPSS-x level) mainframe SPSS) since 1984.\n\nNow, there is no difference between the two, as it is java code, it's substandard on any platform. But it still makes Stata look like a tinker-toy.\n\nI don't recommend using SPSS for charting really. It can do it, but it is at times flakey (even on the PC) and you are probably better off using something else for charts and just outputting the data from SPSS. \n\n"

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