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postComment: "I've bought Lion back in august, but didn't install it, because the users of this website listed Microsoft Messenger as being incompatible with Lion. They say the app kills their internet, emoticons don't work, the app crashes, it's simply unusable.\n\nBecause of all of those negative comments on this website and the app being listed as incompatible, I didn't install Lion. I decided to wait untill Microsoft would release a version of Microsoft Messenger which is compatible with Lion.\n\nSo, I waited and waited and waited for months, but v. 8.0.2 didn't come. I've been blaming Microsoft for not releasing a Lion compatible version of Microsoft Messenger for months and I've been blaming them for not being able to upgrade my operating system!\n\nThis month I had enough of waiting for Microsoft to release a Lion compatible version of Microsoft Messenger. I finally installed Lion and decided to just install Microsoft Messenger to see what happens.\n\nI installed the app and it just works as it should work. I don't experience any of those problems. Everything just works. In conversation windows I've even got those overlay scroll bars and the bounce effect when scrolling. Lions build-in spelling check and auto correction also work, just like typing accented characters by holding the button down (like on iOS). Everything just works, even those features limited to Lion.\n\nI'm running Microsoft Messenger 8.0.1 and Lion 10.7.2. Microsoft Messenger 8.0.1 was released on the 3rd of may, a few months before Lion was released. I was really amazed how good this app works. I've been blaming Microsoft for nothing. There was absolute no reason to blame them!"

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