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postComment: "Found this news item (12/22/2011) that Intuit plans a Lion-compatible Quicken for Mac 2007.\n\n\"As you may know, Quicken for Mac 2007 does not currently work on Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). I understand the frustration this may have caused you and have put a team in place to address this issue. I am happy to announce that we will have a solution that makes Quicken 2007 for Mac “Lion-compatible” by early spring. There are still details to be worked out, so I ask your continued patience as we work through these. In the meantime, you can find more information on our Mac FAQ page.\n\n\nThank you for your continued loyalty to Quicken.\n\nSincerely,\n\nAaron Forth\nGeneral Manager, Intuit Personal Finance Group\n\nNews source: ZDNet\n"

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