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postComment: "@Jess. I had the same problem. My game runs smoothly but it keeps lagging every time I change my camera angle. I also experienced the crashes, after playing the game for 15 minutes the screen then blacks out and I have to force shut down with the power button, same as you.\n\nThere is a way of fixing it!!! \nJust make sure EVERYTHING on your Mac is updated. iTunes, Apps, Software, games, etc. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE UPDATED! or else it won't work. I still experienced a few minutes of lagging in the game but after a few seconds everything plays normally. No blackouts occurred since. You just have to keep an eye out for a new update from Sims because the game is not yet fully compatible with Lion OS X. \nUnfortunately that is the main flaw of Mac, you just have to stay updated with EVERYTHING 24/7! I Check for updates everyday now to keep my Mac running smoothly. :-)"

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