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postComment: "I've used WinClone for years and this is the fist time I've encountered a problem.\n\nI have several clones of my BootCamp drive w/ Win 7. I'm getting what I believe to be a GPT signature error when trying to restore the BC drive usubg any of my backed up clones. The drive I'm trying to restore to is formatted w/a GUID partition. It run's thru the restore process all the way up to the end when it fails.\n\nBelow is the error message. For some reason I see mention of the \"MBR partiton table\" in the message and don't know what that's about.\n\nAny suggestions on how to remedy this problem?\n\n100.00 percent completed\n100.00 percent completed\nSyncing …\nreturn value of /usr/bin/gunzip -c \"/Users/clt/Desktop/WinClone Backups/??_12.21.11.winclone/boot.img.gz\"| \"/Library/NTFSProgs/ntfsclone\" —restore-image —rescue —overwrite \"/dev/disk0s1\" - 1>&2 is 0\n\nVolume on disk0s1 failed to mount\ndestination_path is \nUnmounting /dev/disk0s1\n/usr/sbin/diskutil unmount \"/dev/disk0s1\"return value of unmount is 256\n\noutput is disk0s1 was already not mounted\n\n=====Syncing GPT with MBR Partition Table, setting partition to bootable, and restoring boot sector==============\n\n\"/Applications/\" -f -w -m \"/Users/clt/Desktop/WinClone Backups/??_12.21.11.winclone/boot.mbr\" -a 1 -u -i 0x07 \"/dev/disk0\"\nreturn value of \"/Applications/\" -f -w -m \"/Users/clt/Desktop/WinClone Backups/??_12.21.11.winclone/boot.mbr\" -a 1 -u -i 0x07 \"/dev/disk0\" is 65280\n\nInvalid GPT signature. Make sure this disk uses the GPT partitioning scheme. Signature: 00000000\n\"/Applications/\" -f -w -m \"/Users/clt/Desktop/WinClone Backups/??_12.21.11.winclone/boot.mbr\" -a 1 -u -i 0x07 \"/dev/disk0\" did not complete successfully\ncleaning up: Mounting Disk\nVolume on disk0s1 failed to mount\nFri Jan 6 14:12:59 PST 2012\n\n\n\n"

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