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postComment: "RE: WinClone stopped - disk full\n\nGuys, I seek your advice as I tried to clone my Win7 partition, made the mistake of moving the \"image\" onto my own HDD and I ran out of space.\n\nI stopped it when pressing on the error message and waited for more then 1-hour if something might happen, but nothing did and I closed the program and restarted. \n\nAfter that, when booting to OS, I only get white screen; windows starts without any problems. \n\nTwo questions (I'm new to Mac OS but managed Windows quite well over the years);\n\n1) How do I restore my OS that it starts properly again (insert CD or rescue partition)?\n\n2) Is my Win7 partition still intact after transfer image failed or is its starting from both locations now?\n\nWould be very grateful for your help.\n\nCheers"

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