Re: DiskTools Pro - Still no Update Dec3,2011

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postComment: "I understand if people have emergencies. You can't control that, and I hope that everything is fine with them and their family. However I am concerned that there is no contingency plan for the loss of employees in cases such as this. If the President of macware Inc. were to suddenly leave the company or be rendered incapable of his or her job duties, macware Inc. would then suddenly have to fold and go out of business with this sort of business model.\n\nDon't get me wrong, I really love DiskTools Pro and have recommended it as an application to others. Likewise the other software titles available from macware have definitely appealed to me. But part of my purchasing decision was based upon the fact that a OS X 10.7 Lion update would be available shortly. Since that has not come about, as well as missed deadlines have also occurred, I don't have faith anymore in macware as a vendor. As such I've either held off on other purchases, or have sought out other vendors entirely."

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