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postComment: "After my successful tests on 29th Jan, I am afraid I have to report two restore failures in further testing.\n \nThe three successful restores in the initial post were all imaging and restoring a partition on a drive which also had a mac partition. This is obviously representative of the normal use of Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro\n \nWhen I use Winclone to image the Bootcamp volume on my Mac Pro, where it is on a dedicated drive, the restore fails to boot each time, with a message about autocheck not being found and skipping, ending with a blue screen.\n \nI tried twice, the second time after running CHKDSK before imaging.\n\nIn the successful restores on 29th Jan, on first boot CHKDSK ran automatically. It seems on these tow unsuccessful restores as if it is trying to run CHKDSK but can't do it."

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