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postComment: "Little Snitch, by Objective Development, the competitor of Hands Off! already has a beta build that works with Lion. I emailed Etienne Clement, who is probably the developer (he/she answers the support emails) and couldn't tell me when a working version will be available. The reply I got was \n\n\"Hi,\n\nWe don't have a Lion version ready yet. We will keep you posted.\".\n\nWill it EVER be ready for Lion when it launches? It doesn't even work with 10.6.8 yet, although version 1.2.4 was supposed to work, but on my machine it throws constant kernel panics (I verified that it's Hands Off! doing this).\n\nI moved from Little Snitch due to the lack of various features offered by Hands Off! but at least Little Snitch WORKS. What a shame."

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