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postComment: "I get a message saying it could not be mounted by tuxera ntfs on system bootup\nGet info on NTFS drive shows I have read/write and Drive Format is \"Windows NT Filesystem (Tuxera NTFS)\"\nI have been able to successfully write data to this drive\n\nWhat I did:\n1. Before installing 10.7 I disabled Tuxera NTFS control panel\n2. After installing 10.7 I noticed the \"Rumored\" support in 10.7 for NTFS still remained for me \"read only\"\n3. I downloaded the Tuxera NTFS 2010.12-RC Beta Version and installed it over my 2010.10 Stable version and restarted the system\n4. I got a error message on Bootup that the drive could not be mounted\n\nAnd yet here we are, I would expect some official word from Tuxera and Apple shortly on what their plans are for NTFS in 10.7"

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