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postComment: "It's me again. PROBLEM SOLVED. It does not crash again. SOLUTION HERE:\n\nOn Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 08:30, <supp…> wrote: \n\nPaul, \nThat's not so good…We may be looking at a larger corruption of the user \nbase directory. Our best bet it to have these directories rebuilt \nentirely. \nThere are 2 \"Mathematica\" directories that we'll want to rename \n\"Mathematica-old\" These directories should be located in: \n/Library \nand \n/Users/<your user name>/Library \nRename these folder (with Mathematica shutdown) and then try launching the \napplication again (you don't need to hold down SHIFT+OPTION). You should \nbe prompted for your license information (if you have it handy, you can \nre-enter it, otherwise quit Mathematica and copy the 'mathpass' file from \n/Users/<your user name>/Library/Mathematica-old/Licensing to the newly \ncreated /Users/<your user name>/Library/Mathematica/Licensing and then \nstart Mathematica back up. "

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