75th 08 Jul 2011 21:37 in Feedback & Support

I want to look up every app on my Mac. For each app, right now the process is

  • Type in the app's name
  • Look at a progress bar for several seconds
  • Click the appropriate search result
  • Look at the icon

This is a quite complicated and lengthy beyond just a few apps. I wish it could be

  • Type in the app's name
  • Wait briefly for the app's status to be fetched via AJAX, and then see a big honkin' icon, alongside a link to the full wiki page for more info.

Ideally, of course, would be a Mac app that would go through your applications and show you a list of non-compatible apps, but that may be a bit much to hope for. And of course I understand if none of this is possible due to limitations in Wikidot, which I know nothing about.