Dorenma 24 Mar 2012 07:15 in Applications

Hello Everyone.

I have this doubt since in the App Compatibility Table of Lion doesnt appear the "Vue" program. If anyone could please tell if Vue 9.5 Xtream or Vue 10 Xtream works fine and sound with OS X Lion 10.7.2 ???

The other topic that worry me a lot is if its true that Macintosh isnt suitable for demanding 3D processes ?

I dont know if this is true because like many people, we do a great effort to save and buy a mac computer for work with, thinking they are capable of such demanding works and then you find a lot of people saying that "If you want to work with 3D software without problems go and buy a powerfull Windows PC" I dont ever want to denigrate Windows with Mac it just what I said before about saving and investing for a good work tool, thats what I did and I really hope this phrase just remain like an opinion but if is not..well it will be a sad new for me.

If someone had Windows installed on a Mac could please tell me if the 3D applications installed there work fine without issues??

Just hope someone could answer me those questions, I would be very gratefull to.

Thanks for your time.